Sunday, January 15, 2017

How I recharge for the next week...

Outfit: leopard Keds from Macy's, "Weekend Vibes" Tshirt from Old Navy, Destroyed jeans from Express, Sunglasses from Ray Ban, Purse from Rebecca Minkoff, Watch from Apple, Nail Color: Scandal Sandal from Red Carpet Gel (links below)

I have been MIA on my blog!! What was I thinking starting the blog a month before going back to teaching and getting my masters at night? One semester down!! I feel like I now have a better grip on balance in my life. It is so important to recharge over the weekend and even better when it's a loooooong weekend!  Here are somethings that I do that help me recharge for the next work week.

1. I am a PLANNER so I love to take my Create 365 Happy planner and look at the week ahead. I write in all my activities and events. I also write in which days I am going to run and which mornings I will go to Orangetheory fitness. Next I write down the meals I will cook for dinner which leads into #2...

2. Create a grocery list for all your meals and shop!! This way you do not have to make extra stops to the grocery store during the busy work week.

3.Ummmmm a cup of coffee in your pajamas... maybe 2!

4. Get outside!!! We are stuck in an arctic class room all day. Use the weekend to get outside and picnic or run. Fresh air and a couple deep breathes can cleanse your mind of negativity (which I know we all have some teammates that do this to us!)

5. Shop... grab a friend and do some retail therapy. Or stay on the couch and do some online shopping. You know how exciting and motivating it is to get new workout clothes? Well it's the same for work clothes! Grab a new work essential for your wardrobe and you will be so excited to wear it on the next Monday.

6. Wine.

7. Friends and family... they make you laugh and forget about all the crap you have to do!

8. Cheese... anything with cheese! Pizza,  nachos, cheese boards, pasta, quesadillas. You know your drooling.

9. Snuggle up with a good book. Books have a way of taking you into another world. Right now I just started What She Knew and it is written by Gilly MacMillan.

10. If your like hubs and I then you need to watch some tv before bed. Currently we are binge watching Ray Donovan. Wow it makes you sit up in bed. Some of our current favs are This is Us, Chicago Med, and Rosewood.

11. Wine. Again.

12. Last but not least... plan something to look forward to!  Plan something that you do not usually do or have never done. It can be something small to do that Sunday or something to look forward to in the future like booking a summer trip. Sunday adventures are my favorite. We love to try new brunch places. Something we haven't done and want to plan is a trip to a winery about an hour from our house. Our new adventure coming up is renting a house in the keys for a long weekend getaway with friends. These are the things that keep me full of energy during my workweek!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Milkweed, caterpillar, and butterflies...oh my!

Happy Third week of school!!! We wrapped up week 2 with a huge life cycle of a butterfly study, so naturally I need to share all the amazing learning that went down! Let me begin by saying I kill plants ALL THE TIME so I am blessed with a parent that has a green thumb 🙌🏼 YASSS She came into my classroom the first week of school and said "When can we plant and garden? I will bring all the materials?" Oh my gosh pinch me... I thought I was dreaming. 
Week 2 came around she came in with a cart of milkweeds already filled with caterpillars.
The kiddies examines the plant all week. They made observations and watched the caterpillars munch and grow! 

I started to pull literature all about butterflies and their lifecycle. Of course we started with Eric Carl's very hungry caterpillar and then read

Written by a 2nd grade class! They kiddies really loved this book because it made them connect to the class that wrote this book since we also right our own class book every Friday. 
We watched a brain pop Jr. Video on a butterfly lifecycle as well. After the students really understood the lifecycle I laid out the small models of the larva, caterpillar, pupa and butterfly. They than practice mixing them and then putting back into the correct order. After our study my students got to go out side and plants 6 milk weeds right behind our classroom!! We now have a butterfly garden and a great observation lab 😏 


We are so excited to find pupas around our room from our caterpillars!

 More to come!!!




Sunday, August 21, 2016

On my last day of summer...

Oh boy... Last week was a ROUGH one!! I really needed this Sunday to recover and get ready for the school year ahead ( let's be real... For the first week ahead.) 
So here is a story in pictures of my last day of summer!
Hubs and I slept in and then tried a new breakfast place! We tried the OB House in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I was basic and had an open faced bacon, eggs and cheese sandwich. The fresh baked toast was at least two inches thick (not exaggerating... I promise!!) Hubs ordered  their famous pancakes and honestly I don't even know if you can call it a pancake! It is a "pancake" that is cooked in a iron skillet  in their oven. It was a mix of a pancake and a cake  ( 2 inches thick)and it was Ahhhhhmazing! Definitely going back there for pancakes! 
Afterwards we took a walk down along the intercoastal (New River) area. It so important to remember to set aside time for you and your loved one. It is so easy to get caught up at work and in teacher life. Sunday's are one way my Hubs and I stay connected. Another way we stay connected is by having our Friday date nights every week. The week can be so busy this is the perfect night to decompress, have a glass of wine and catch each other up or plan something new!
On the way home we stopped at 5 Below (a new store in Fl that is like a dollar store but $5 and below) They had a great deal on Mr Sketch scented markers! 8 pack for $4.00. I picked one up for myself and my two teacher besties. I attached a note saying " I hope your first day doesn't STINK" haha (get it? get it?) I will put those in their school mailbox to give them a little smile on our first day back.
Our last stop before going home was at Fit Life Foods for some lunches! When I don't have time to meal prep for lunch (or I am just being lazy) this place is great for getting prepared lunches. They have the macros and calories right on the label. It also helps when I am sick of eating the same food all week! They range from $6-$15 per meal.

 Then we did some real relaxing and laid by the pool! My car read 102  degrees by the way 😳 so we only lasted about an hour!!
 We ended our day with grilling some chicken burgers and watching TV. I wish all teachers an amazing first day!!! What did you guys do on your last day of summer? Comment below!!



Thursday, August 11, 2016


I SWEAR by Ikea products for my classroom!  Here is a little haul that I bought this year for my classroom. To start your shopping trip head to the customer service area and get your FREE teacher bag that has a $20 coupon!!!Woohoo who doesn't love free money?! Inside the bag are stickers, little notebooks, a poster, colorful paperclips and pencils.

I bought the LACK table in black for the middle of my library. When I went the table was on sale for $7.99 but is normally $9.99 which is a steal! The table comes in other colors and is an easy installation (less than 2 minutes!) The carpet under the table is GORLOSE for $19.99 so of course I bought two. I bought one for in front of my Promethean board and one in my classroom library. I was walking though the store and spotted this adorable star lamp! OMG. love it!!! The star light was a "last chance" product for $9.99. The best part of this lamp is you can plug it in OR use batteries! The lamp has attached bulbs and comes with batteries (which is rare for IKEA!!!!)

These white plastic lamps are LAMPAN and are $5. I have had these for 3 years and have not stopped working, Here is the catch... the lamp is $5 but they require a IKEA light bulb which is a little over $5. The light bulbs do last because I have not changed them in 3 years since I bought them. Totally worth it!!!

This chair is NOT from Ikea I found it at Home Goods but the cute black and white cat pillow is! The pillow is new because its not online and it was not even there the previous time I went a month ago. The pillow is $3.99.

The READ sign in my library I made but the string lights are from Ikea. I love these string lights because you do not have to plug them in (no outlet there) they run on batteries! The string light is $2.99 for a string of 12 lights.

These containers come in both sizes. The large ones are great for storage and the short ones are great for shelves!  It is called GLES and the large ones are on sale for $1.49

The MARIUS stools are amazing and are $4.99. They are great for flexible seating at a table. I have them at my reading table and they are the perfect height and stable.

This is my classroom coffee corner and I have to tell you... I am in LOVE!! I love my coffee. The bar  is FINTORP rail for $9.99 and the hooks are $2.99. I had to get hubby to hang this for me because DRILL + ME = Not happening!!  The clear mugs and stripped mugs are also from Ikea and were under $3 each. The black planter hangs on the rail and holds my forks for .99 cents, BOOM coffee corner made.

These white stools are MAMMUT $7.99 and the kids love them. They are short (definitely for kinder or 1st.)  My teacher friend bought me the STICKAT green covers from ikea for $5.99!

Enjoy my friends and happy shopping!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Books Books Books: How To Build Your Classroom Library

Starting a classroom library or expanding your classroom library can be costly... And let's be real you need to buy a million other things for you classroom right?! (Thank youuuuu!!!!) Books are one thing that if you search haggle and steal (ok maybe not steal, you have to be a role model) you can find inexpensive!

Fifth Street Books
This is a used book store that sells gently used books for around .59 cents per book!!! Say whatttttt.... Yep! And they even sell them by grade level so you don't have to sit there thinking what if they don't fit my classroom library need. Wait for the best part... F R E E SHIPPING!!!This is where the other stores get you. They say they will send you a box of random kids books for $25 but then at check out its $15 to ship... Not happening here! So excited to get my box of books and rip it open like its Christmas morning (I really love books!)

Simple...send home the flyer!! The more parents that buy their children scholastic books from online and use your code the more points you receive. Then you can take those points and buy any books from scholastic online at no cost to you! Boom... That easy and FREE.

Garage Sales
Sometimes you can find a good batch of books at garage sales. They are either a retired teacher or parents that no longer need their children's books. Try to haggle and give them the "teacher story" I bet you will get them for .5 cents each 😉

Book Party
Book parties are so much fun! Not only do you get to relax (drink a lot) and have fun with your friends but also get free books! If you have an Usborne consultant come to share the books at your house, you (the host) get free books. The more money your friends spend the more free books you get (so make the drinks extra strong ... Joking 😏)
  Ask the parents

I know it's not always fun to beg but if you really want it a little begging can't hurt! Ask the parents at open house if they have any books laying around that are not needed anymore or outgrown for siblings. Also put some authors on your wish list! You will see... Once their child comes home with the love of reading the parents will want to buy 748492937492 books!

Here's the thing... You can never have too many books in a classroom library (for any grade!) If you want your kiddies to fall in love with reading you need to show your love of reading and you need to have books everywhere! I recently just recatergorized my classroom library and used the stickers to organize. I used a little over 800 stickers which means I have that many books in my classroom library (not including big books.) I then made a goal to hit 1,000 books by the end of this school year! ❤️📚 Lets do it!!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Begining of the year books

I love to start the school year with a variety of catchy books to get my kinders ready to fall in love with reading!
I use these books for read alouds during the first week of school. Our main focus for the week is reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. On Monday we read the book and discuss. By Tuesday the kids are already reading /singing the book before you can turn the page. On Wednesday we read it again and then they make a project connected to the book. They start by counting how many letters are in their name and filling (below) in. 
Then they glue the paper onto construction paper and design their own tree above the writing. On Thursday the students get to stamp the letters in their name falling from their tree (ummm the best part!!!!) Then by Friday you have a bunch of cute (and different looking) trees with their names just in time for their parents to see at open house night! 

On Friday we always make a class innovation book on the big book we read for the week. The student gets to make their own page of our class Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book for our classroom library!
More pictures to come as my new class has fun with one of my favorite books in a few weeks!




Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher

Hi friends! My name is Marissa and I am a Kindergarten teacher in sunny south Florida! ( WOW that sounds like an intro you are forced to make at trainings.) Lets get real!!! I love my kinder kiddies as much as I love my morning coffee... and that's A LOT. I am going into my fourth year of teaching at an IB world school.
Wanna get personal? Let's do it.. 
I am 25 years old and graduated from FAU in 2013 with a BAE in Elementary Education. In a few short weeks I will start my journey at Barry University Graduate School  for a Masters in Reading Education. AHHHH back to school for me... I have a mixture of excitement and nervousness! My philosophy is N E V E R stop learning because life never stops teaching.
On January 23, 2016 my life got a little sweeter.. I married my high school sweetheart of nine years! My husband is a dedicated teacher hubby that supports me, my loves and passions. He also does a good eye roll with all the online shopping and  classroom buying I do :)

 Lets be basic for a minute...
My favorite color is pink.
I can not live without coffee and a dirty chai.
Date night=EVERY Friday!
I love long romantic walks down the Target aisle.
Give me a good book, a plane ticket and a glass of wine and I am one happy girl.
My passion is not only teaching but learning.
I learn through experience.
We are proud parents of 1 FURbaby. She is one very cute Oripei (half pug and half sharpei.)
Family warms my soul and I am BLESSED with the family and friends around me!
I am starting this blog because after I started my class Instagram I was overwhelmed with all the teacher love and support! Teacher are now open to one big PLC through social media. We can share our thoughts and hope to inspire others. I feel blessed to be a part of a  positive learning community and I want to inspire and give ideas to other teachers as they have for me.  I can not wait to start sharing from my classroom, experiences and learning!
IG- @crayons_and_coffee